We have compiled a list of our articles, how to’s and interviews for you to find easily. This separates them from locations which you can see here. Sadly this van was already converted when we bought her however will posting any tutorials or information about the build as we slowly change her – or gut her and start again. We plan to live in her for a while to see what works and what doesn’t.


Pre Travel Checks for your motorhome or campervan – With fresh hopes that lockdown will be easing and some travel may be allowed, we are aware that some campervans and motorhomes have been idle for a long time. We include a FREE PDF on pre travel checks for you to assist with getting back on the road.

The future of Vanlife Post Covid – Face masks and hand sanitiser still feel a little strange. They are becoming more normal and we being told we can start to venture out soon. Campervans and motorhomes have the means to be a safe and self-contained bubble but how will things change going forwards?

Travel Work Exchange – A work travel exchange is an amazing way to travel on a budget. You get to meet lots of people. You usually get to stay for free in exchange for some work that they need doing. This allows time for you to see the local area in your free time.

We made it to Spain on the ferry – With a rough crossing and delays, we finally made it to Spain to start volunteering with Galgos Del Sol!

How to use the London Underground – A helpful guide for visitors to London on how to navigate the underground network, information about tickets and etiquette.

Campervan Toilet Guide – How to navigate the options available.

Volunteering A chance to volunteer for Galgos Del Sol – But we need your help to do it!

Wild Camping in the UK Our free guide to wild camping in the UK covers all of the big questions and information you need to know!

Top 10 moments of 2019 Our end of year review where we look back over the 10 most unforgettable moments of 2019!

National Get Outside Day We brave the rain and get outside to explore Mount Grace Priory

Grandparents European Tour part one When my grandparents dies just 12 weeks apart, we found a notebook about a European coach tour they took in the early 80’s. We discover where they went!

Van Vs London House. We spent a week house sitting for a friend only for the house to start falling apart around us! a disaster story!

Where to find cheap attraction tickets. This bumper post tells you where you can find cheap attraction tickets and save money. If you like it, give us share or pin!

How to transition to full time van life. Have you taken the first steps to full time van life and now wondering what you need to do before you leave? We are here to help you out and ensure you have covered all of your bases.

How to save money travelling. Whether you are planning a weekend away or a longer term travel adventure, finances are always on our mind! Find out how you can keep costs down!

Full Time Van Life, One month in. We have been on the road for a month now and wanted to share our personal journey with you. You will have read posts (hopefully!) of places we have been, but we haven’t really spoken about our personal experiences. Here is our post on the first month of full time van life.

Make your dream a reality – Are you trying to fit into a mould that doesn’t fit? What is it that YOU want to do? Do you know what is stopping you? What would have to happen for you to make that change? Making your dream a reality is very possible.


Career Break Kate Interview. We were approached by CareerBreakKate, a blogger who runs a website dedicated to travel and career break inspiration. Kate asked us questions that a lot of people ask us so it seemed only natural to do the interview with her.

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